Adult care, also known as adult social care, involves providing support to individuals over the age of 18 with additional needs. The aim is to help them maintain their physical and mental health, enabling them to continue with their daily activities. This type of care is usually provided to people with medical conditions or physical disabilities who require assistance with various aspects of their lives. The main goal of adult care is to increase the independence of the individual and ensure that they can live as comfortably as possible. At Helping Hands, we offer personalised support plans to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality care that is tailored to their specific needs.

At Wellwise Healthcare, we understand that elderly individuals may prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by familiar belongings, loved ones, and even pets. Our adult home care services are designed to provide physical and mental health benefits, as we believe that one-to-one care received in a familiar environment can be extremely beneficial. Our visiting care service offers flexible care, starting from 30 minutes per week and delivered by a team of local carers. We tailor our support plans to meet your specific needs, and can even provide overnight care if required. For those with more complex care needs, our live-in care service offers 24-hour assistance, with dedicated carers who become more like extended family members. We also provide nurse-led care for adults with clinical needs, overseen by our experienced clinical nurses.


A good starting point is to contact a reputable care provider such as Wellwise Healthcare. We offer flexible care plans starting from 30 minutes per week, tailored to specific needs and preferences. Their team of local carers can provide physical and mental health benefits, with the option of overnight care if required. For those with more complex care needs, they also offer live-in care services with 24-hour assistance from dedicated carers who become like extended family members. In addition, they provide nurse-led care for adults with clinical needs, overseen by experienced clinical nurses. To begin the process, simply call the care provider to talk through the different options available. A local care manager will then be assigned to you to create a personalized support plan that meets all your needs

At Wellwise Healthcare, we understand that recovering at home after a hospital stay can be daunting. We believe that you should never have to compromise on your wellbeing, so we offer care at home to support your recovery. With our flexible care plans starting from just 30 minutes per week, we can provide you with regular visits to deliver groceries and medication, help with chores and keeping your home clean, and 24-hour care support for constant care and companionship. Our nurse-led care services are also available for adults with clinical needs, ensuring that you have expert and high-quality support to aid your recovery. To arrange adult private care services, simply get in touch with our care provider, and a local care manager will work with you to create a personalized support plan that meets all your needs and preferences. With Wellwise Healthcare, you can feel safe and supported throughout your recovery journey.

Personal care refers to the assistance and supervision provided by a trained caregiver for daily personal living tasks and private hygiene. This type of care is especially important for the elderly and those who need help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and maintaining personal appearance. Our private caregivers can offer discreet and sensitive one-on-one support, including bathing, oral hygiene, applying makeup, foot care, toileting, and changing continence pads. We can also assist with moving positions in bed and managing a stoma or catheter bag. Personal care helps individuals maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life. Personal care is a type of hands-on assistance and supervision provided by a trained caregiver to individuals who are unable to perform critical day-to-day activities on their own. This includes basic activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, grooming, eating, and medication reminders, as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) like managing finances, transportation, shopping, meal preparation, housecleaning, home maintenance, and medication management. Personal care services are essential for the elderly, those with disabilities, patients recovering from injury, and those with chronic conditions. Personal care helps individuals maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life while remaining in their own home

Domiciliary care is an essential service that provides support to individuals who wish to maintain their independence and stay in the comfort of their own homes. It is a range of services put in place to support someone in their own home, offering a viable alternative to residential care homes.

At Wellwise Healthcare, our domiciliary care services are designed to meet the needs of individuals who require extra support with their daily activities. Our team of professional carers, also known as home carers or private carers, are trained to assist with household tasks, medication, and other activities that help to maintain quality of life.

Our domiciliary care services are tailored to individual needs, ranging from daily visits to live-in care. We understand that every individual is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop a care plan that meets their specific requirements. Our team of domiciliary carers is dedicated to providing exceptional care services and ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of care possible. We are committed to promoting independent living and enabling our clients to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

If you or your loved one requires domiciliary care services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Wellwise Healthcare. We are here to provide the support you need to maintain your quality of life and independence.

Wellwise Healthcare provides a temporary care arrangement known as respite care. This type of care is designed to offer support when regular caregivers are unavailable. Trained carers provide respite care for different types of care, including assisted living, residential care, dementia care, and nursing care. Respite care is ideal when the primary caregiver needs a break or when support is required on a short-term basis. At Wellwise Healthcare, we offer respite care services that are fully regulated by the Care Quality (CQC).

Wellwise Healthcare is a company that offers dedicated end-of-life care services designed to provide comfort and support to individuals and their families during the difficult time of end-of-life care. Our company understands that passing away peacefully and with dignity is a wish of many, which is why we provide fully-managed end-of-life care services in the comfort and safety of one’s own home. This allows the patients to stay in familiar surroundings, surrounded by loved ones and special comforts, making the journey as comfortable and peaceful as possible. We aim to make sure that change is not disruptive, and that their services are designed.

Wellwise Healthcare offers emergency home care services that provide essential support when you need it the most. This means that you can get help quickly if you require emergency care. Whether you require hands-on assistance, supervision, transportation, or other support to remain in the comfort of your home, Wellwise Healthcare can provide expert support within as little as 24 hours. Their emergency home care service can be arranged for care from a private carer to start within 24 hours of you getting in touch, and they can often turn this around even quicker during a crisis. With Wellwise Healthcare, you can receive the necessary support you need, whenever you need it.

Wellwise Healthcare offers housekeeping services to individuals who need assistance with household tasks or routines. Our care assistants are trained to support those who may lack the physical ability or time to perform these tasks. Our services include cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, household chores, pet care, and running errands. These services are fully managed by our trained professionals, and we work alongside our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs and lifestyle. With our commitment to high-quality assistance, we strive to make daily life easier for those in need.

Disability care is a form of support that enables people living with disabilities to live as independently and securely as possible. Disability home care is a type of disability support that allows individuals to receive specialist care in the comfort of their own homes. It offers a fully bespoke care plan designed around the individual’s personal requirements and preferences, one-to-one support from a friendly and compassionate carer who will get to know the individual and their condition, and flexible, adaptable support. Wellwise Healthcare provides disability home care services that allow individuals to receive all the additional care they need without having to move away from their loved ones or into a care home. With disability home care, individuals can receive extra help and support as needed to live life on their own terms with a dedicated carer.